Sewing With Paper Anchor

The modern sewing community is made up of performers, cosplayers, and historians. We’re freaks about fit, too curious to not try, and too passionate to accept poor quality. Many of us grew up watching others sew and were inspired. While others have gotten fascinated by social media sewists. Sewing is experiencing a massive resurgence as we rebuke taking what we’re given.

Mainstream patterns are informative (sometimes) and are readily available. However, the sizing is often limited, the styles don’t allow for enough customization, and the fit isn’t defined by real bodies. The expansion of the indie pattern market has started to push the craft far and beyond the Big 4. The sewing community has come so far, but something is still missing. Tailoring, detail, and most importantly, MAGIC are missing from so many indie patterns.

Since the days of watching What Not to Wear, our founder, Alyssa has believed in the power of clothes to aid in manifesting a life of joy, love and pleasure. That belief is what made her pursue a career in apparel design. Later, she realized she loved making apparel patterns, and her practice of energy work could aid in her process by infusing intentions at the very base of a sewing project…the pattern itself.

Paper Anchor came to fruition to share the power of intention through making clothes and to bring the magic. We want you to be inspired by your own body and to keep your desires front and center in your projects. Sewing is creating. Creating is manifesting. Manifesting is levitating.