Inclusive sizing at paper anchor

At Paper Anchor, inclusive sizing is not just a buzz word. Our entire sewing philosophy is the idea that women of all sizes deserved to feel good in their makes. Although they almost always fit well, we didn’t want to make everything in knits. We also didn’t want to limit ourselves to boxy styles in the name of inclusivity. We wanted somewhat tailored, easy to wear clothes with vintage detail, and that’s what we’re here to give.

Below we have our body chart, which is a replica of the body measurements from ASTM. ASTM standards are trusted in the apparel industry because they are conducted through inclusive studies. The chart below highlights major points which may be helpful to you when choosing or grading a size for yourself. There is some overlap in the straight and plus sizes to represent a larger cup size and lower body shape. We have included our standard ease, which we apply to all pattern measures, though some styles may have more or less ease to reflect a desired fit intent.

All of our styles have numeric sizing. For wovens we use two blocks which are drastically different. The 2-20 size range is drafted on a size 12 “curvy” block. The 14W-40W range is drafted on a size 24 block. The W simply marks the difference in size ranges. Although the size ranges overlap, the 14W-20W are made for a larger bust cup and hip size. The knit styles feature sizing that is labeled 1-20. Knits are significantly more forgiving in fit, therefore we created one continuous range. The numbers do not mean anything, we just found using the standard alphanumeric sizing doesn’t support our intentions. Our grading is reviewed in detail using 3D software. This allows us to tweak each individual size to ensure our fit intent is consistent across sizes.

Intention is everything and our desire is that you feel comfortable in your finished garment.