In today’s installment of Sewing for Manifestation, we talk about how you can add intentions to the drink you take to the studio (or wherever you sew). The idea of ritual in creativity is not new, nor is it particularly esoteric. Many creatives report doing something to get started such as dancing or making a drink. These things are good, but do they keep you focused when tension starts to set in?

Once your thread gets tangled, your sleeve gets sewn on inside out, or you step on ANOTHER pin, that hot tea isn’t going to be enough to keep your creative energy flowing. Yes, of course you keep pushing because this is the thing you love.  However, now you’re sewing frustration and doubt into your garment. You post a pic, calling it a labor of love…but do you still love it? When you wear it does it fill you with joy or do you remember all the thread balls that got you to this point.

Now I’m not here to say hard is bad or tout toxic positivity. I do believe that interweaving strong intentions along the way of your sewing can make difficult feel pleasurable. When you’re taking a moment to do something slowly and putting your mind on a goal or feeling you want to achieve, it’s really setting you up for manifestation superpowers when you wear the garment. Follow this series for rituals you can do while sewing to focus your intentions clear and strong while you work.

Coffee, a manifestation drink

A lot of us start our sewing time with a hot beverage. Many manifestation rituals also begin with a drink. I like coffee, but I often switch to tea, lest the caffeine makes me see sounds and smell colors. Both coffee and tea are great for this practice. When you make your beverage try the simple ritual of stirring in your intention. Bring what you want to mind and then stir your cup. Clockwise invites things in. Counterclockwise to send something away. Every time you sip, think back to your intention. As you sew, picture how your life will be when this manifestation comes to fruition. Imagine yourself in the garment as well, living the beautiful life you’re picturing.

Also, make sure you refill your beverage when it’s empty. Hydration is important, of course, but so are breaks! A little journey to the kitchen can be excellent to clear your head and recalibrate your creative flow. Intention is everything so think of ways you can make your drink special. Is there a flavor you only add during sewing time? Do you use a sparkly cup? Anything you can do to enhance the *magic* will give more power to your ritual.

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