In my last post I recounted how neglecting to set a creative process damaged my ability to produce a garment I can wear with pride. In Human Design I am a Manifesting Generator, this means I have both the inspiration and the energy to follow that through. However, sometimes I get ahead of myself and don’t stop to listen to my intuition or seek guidance. That is often the case with my sewing projects. Since I know this about myself there are things I do to slow down before I start and blend my creative process with my spiritual practice.


If I know I’m going to do something creative I will start the day by lighting incense or a candle and asking my guides to assist me in my projects. I will thank the universe for my superpowers of creativity and craftsmanship. When I do this, I am setting the intention to have a successful day working on my craft and to not be bogged down with insecurities.

Intention for the Garment

I set a practical intention for the garment I am trying to make. I will think about how I want to feel in the garment and get into that feeling. If it’s for a specific event, I will picture myself at that event feeling how I want. Dancing at a wedding, being enigmatic at a job interview, feeling confident on a date.

Gratitude and Cleansing of Tools

I like to make sure everything is in place before I begin working. Sometimes I use Reiki to clean and charge my tools, removing any stressful energy of past projects. I respect my belongings because they are what bring my talent and skill together.

Gathering Information

If my intention is to do something with the best craftsmanship I can muster, I need to have an idea of what steps to take rather follow my own thoughts on how it could be done. Reviewing the pattern instructions is imperative, if I’m using someone’s pattern. When I’m making a pattern from scratch or Lutterloh, I flip through my sewing books to make sure I’m familiar with tried-and-true sewing methods. Sometimes I’ll still plan to do it my own way, but I like for that way to be backed by someone else’s trial and error. Detailed notes in a small notebook keep me on track and allow me to note changes for future projects.


Although I use sewing as a meditation, but I like to have something playing while I work. A lot of times it’s an audiobook, a beautiful story or inspiring nonfiction/self-help keeps me from overthinking or letting fear in. Sometimes I do podcasts or Netflix too. My spiritual teachers would probably think it was counter to manifestation to have entertainment going, however I feel that it slows me down and keeps me in the enjoyment of my creation.

These 5 steps aren’t necessarily an addition to my creative process. They’re things I would haphazardly do while sewing, but by making them habits I give myself a grounding ritual. Starting in an intentional way sets me and my project up for success and relieves some of the fatigue I experience when making a garment. I would love to hear what kind of rituals you do when you sew, what keeps you going? What keeps you in a creative mindset?