In my last post I touched on the importance of surrounding yourself with seekers, the spiritually hearty folk. If you’re like me you’re thinking but it’s hard to make friends especially when you’re a tarot reading, reiki healing, crystal hoarding weirdo so here’s an unorganized list of ideas to find you a tribe!

Unitarian church

To be real I’ll let you know this one didn’t work out for me because I didn’t fit into the demographic of the one nearest me (over 50, Caucasian). Instead of a sermon there was a panel about issues affecting the community. Children’s story time was a story themed to match the panel (3 little pigs gentrification edition). There was singing and meditation and gratitude instead of prayer. It was interesting, check it out. If it’s not your thing at least you had some free coffee cake.

Bumble BFF

The millenial option. You know the drill, set up your profile, post cute pics of you doing fun things, swipe swipe swipe. This time you get to put what you’re actually interested in though, and go ahead and add the picture of your cat. Yes, the initial smalltalk and setting up of dates will be awkward, and you may hate the person you meet…but also you may not, and that could be rad.

Facebook Groups

I have mentioned before that I’m a member of Moon Club as well as #RadicalSelfLoveCoven (not sure if she’s rebooting this one). Both are paid groups, however there are lots of free ones! There are facebook groups for gals and probably guys interested in all kinds of things. It’s a great way to build yourself a community of support.


Meetup is a great place to find in person groups of people who’s ideas might match yours. You can search through many groups of different interests and my favorite part is that you can scope out the attendees of the events before you even show up. Perfect for people with social anxiety like myself!

New Age/Metaphysical/Witch Shops

Local stores often have classes on psychic abilities, meditations, crystals, reiki and everything else they can think of to keep bringing you back. Take advantage of these, and meet some new people. And if the people in the class aren’t your people, maybe the class will teach you a way to intuit new friends, hmm?


This one requires some creeping but I know you do it anyway. Follow your local metaphysical shop on instagram. Then check out others who like their posts. I know I know, but it’s a connection! This is how we connect to people on LinkedIn, if it’s professional there it can’t be so bad to do in our personal lives too, right?


Just kidding. But if you do see someone reading tarot cards or witchcraft books in public, you should politely say hello, ask them to get coffee sometime or connect on instagram. Remember that although they’re in public, they might want to be left alone so only engage them for 5 minutes MAX unless they invite you to sit down.

I hope you find these useful, please let me know how you fare!