I had a conversation with an older friend and spiritual mentor recently. She said she sees so many clients and crosses paths with so many people who are weak in spirit. She made a blanket statement about our generation being weak in spirit. We got into a very heated argument.

My friend spends much time in the spirit realm and the clients she sees are local. Many of the people she sees, and their spirit guides, are weak. I apologize if that seems harsh, but I’m blunt so there it is. Her clients don’t go to her to grow as humans and spiritual beings, they want a psychic to tell them they’re going to be saved from themselves. They’re all waiting for a white knight or god to pluck them out of their misery and fix it all. When my friend is alone she is surrounded by spirits, they are her community.  I respect her and her gift, but her statement is a matter of perspective. The humans she meets are weak in spirit, but since she has a community in the spirit realm, she isn’t seeing or seeking out the strong spirits who are waking up like she and I are.

For me, a psychic connection is less clear. I do not convene with spirits as literally as she does, therefor I take to the internet to find a community. I am a member of Moon Club, by the Numinous, I have participated in Gala Darling’s Radical Self Love coven. My real life friends are people who ask questions, persevere, and “do the work”. I surround myself with people who don’t need a got-damn knight, they come to me to ask them the question their guides are nagging with but they haven’t quite gotten clearly. Clients and friends come to me so my cards may tell them the things they already knew, but needed to hear from someone else. They want to clarify their path and see options they missed in plotting and planning. They want me to help them dig deep.

Our generation consists greatly of Seekers. Constantly building, creating, we are the white knights. They take a five minute break from creating a ritual with the intention of smashing the patriarchy to catch up on Kylie Jenner’s secret pregnancy but that doesn’t make them weak of spirit, they just live in the material world….that was an oddly specific example huh?

Anyway, what I’m saying is don’t lose faith in humanity. If you’re feeling weighed down by those who are weak in spirit, take to the internet or Bumble BFF and find a seeker community. We are out there and we will embrace you.