This is what my planner asks me at the top of every day. What will you do today to feel the way you want to feel? Well to answer that I first had to figure out exactly how I wanted to feel. It took a week spent with Danielle Laporte’s book The Desire Map, copious amounts of tea and journaling to be able to answer the question my planner (The Desire Map Planner) has been asking me.

The book has you describe what you want to get done in several areas of your life and how you want those tasks to make you feel (or not feel). From there you narrow down your word choices to a short list of super juicy inspirational comfy words. It’s a brilliant book, I do hope you check it out.

As my first post, in this (hopefully) magical year, 2018 I’d like to share with you my core desired feelings:







yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaas. Thank you for witnessing me.